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Received a Mecklenburg County Tax Foreclosure Notice – What Now?

Charlotte Foreclosure Notice - Sell House FastHave you recently received a Notice from Mecklenburg County because they are warning you that they plan on auctioning off your house soon. In early 2017, Mecklenburg County NC decided that they are aggressively going after people who have not paid their property taxes.

Don’t lose you house for NOTHING…you are already on the right track and are trying to find a solution. Time is not on your side. You have to PROACTIVELY act and sell your house quickly and hassle free so you can AVOID having Mecklenburg County TAKE your house from you.

Are you saying to yourself, “My House Going to Tax Sale &  How Do I Save My House from a Tax Auction in Charlotte NC?

If you default and do not pay your property tax payments in Charlotte NC or Mecklenburg County NC, chances are that your house is going to tax sale. The county may give you a grace period of a year or so but their grace period is not eternal. If North Carolina property taxes are owed to the county, the local government has the right to auction off the property to force payment of the tax bill. After the property is auctioned off, it is no longer your house.

Unfortunately, if Mecklenburg county has reached out to you numerous time and the property tax remains unpaid, the authorities can foreclose on your Charlotte area home and sell it through a tax auction. Before you panic, there is a silver lining to all this. There are ways to avoid a tax sale in Charlotte and avoid walking away with nothing.

How to Stop a Tax Auction Charlotte NC & Mecklenburg County

To start with, contact the Mecklenburg County Tax office to find out how much you back taxes you owe on your property.  Here is the website for the Charlotte and Mecklenburg County Tax Office

  1. If your home is in Charlotte NC or Mecklenburg County, the first thing to do to stop tax auction Charlotte is to visit the the Tax Office located in the Robert L. “Bob” Walton Plaza at
    700 E. Stonewall Street Charlotte, NC 28202. You will be able to get an estimate of the amount you need to pay and whether you need to pay it in certified funds or cash.
  2. If your house still has a mortgage on it then you can contact your lender as well.  Your lending bank or Mortgage holder will likely to pay the taxes on your behalf to protect its own interests. However, you will need to pay the bank back for this. It’s known as a corporate advance but know that the bank WILL not all of the monies the paid along with interest! It wont be cheap, but its an option.
  3. Since water bills are included in the taxes owed, there are programs run by Charlotte and Mecklenburg County to your advantage. Be sure to check and see if there is a Water Discount Program and a Low Income Water Assistance Program which might be able to offer help to people who are struggling with their property taxes. These programs may or may not be available at the time you’re seeking assistance but it can’t hurt to ask and see what’s out there.
  4. The best course of action to get rid of yourself of a Charlotte Property Tax Lien and avoid a Charlotte tax foreclosure sale is to prepare a tax repayment plan for yourself. You will first need to file the repayment plan form at the tax office. Some of the documents you will need to attach include statements of your debts and assets, proof of income, pay stubs.
  5. You could also consider getting a personal loan to repay the taxes. There are specific loans available for delinquent property tax.

There are some ways that you can do to stop a tax auction here in Charlotte and Charlotte Property Tax ForeclosureMecklenburg County NC but they are a bit more drastic and severe for you the owner. However, it may be your best option.

You can sell your Charlotte house quickly and hassle free

& get all the back taxes PAID and possibly put some money in your pockets as well! We Buy Houses in Charlotte NC

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Have you fallen on tough times and have been unable to pay your property tax in Charlotte NC?

You are not alone…ever since Mecklenburg County NC has gotten tougher on delinquent property taxes as evidenced in this article on the Charlotte Observer *Click HERE to SEE IT**

we have gotten several calls a week from people in similar situations. A Lot of the time the home owners see the writing on the wall and they choose to take power into their own hands and sell their house to us & make some money, as opposed to having their property stripped from them by the Charlotte or Mecklenburg County due to a tax auction.

Don’t be a victim. Take control.

It wasn’t your choice or your fault to fall upon bad financial times (trust me when I tell you that A LOT of people are one missed pay check or one sudden illness from being in a similar situation.)

But it IS your fault if you NOW choose to do nothing about the situation. You have the power to take control and PUT money in your family’s pockets or you can just let Mecklenburg County auction off your property and leave you empty handed.

Do what is  best for YOU and YOUR FAMILY and take pride in making a difficult yet wise and necessary choice.