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Discover 3 Hidden Secrets That Will Drive the Banks Crazy!

Are you tired of the banks hassling you? Are you are going through foreclosure and is the bank is trying to take your house away from you? Be strong because you and your family will be ok. Unfortunately, foreclosures are still high in certain area in our county. We all suffer through hard times and 15 years ago, my hard working, God-fearing mother suffered foreclosure on her home.Understanding the Foreclosure Process in Charlotte NC - We Buy Houses


15 years ago as a junior in college, I did not know how to help my mother and it pained me to see the strong woman who raised my siblings and I go through such an awful experience. She felt helpless, fearful, and despite all of her efforts of working with the bank she felt as if she was fighting a losing battle. My mother felt like she let us (her children) down and was a failure as a provider and mother. Not only did my mother lose the house in foreclosure, she lost her credit and it became almost impossible to rent a house or apartment with a foreclosure on her credit report. For years, she felt the negative affects the foreclosure had on her and our family…


Several years after my mother’s foreclosure I learned three secrets about the banks. It’s too late for these secrets to help my mother but these 3 SECRETS can now help you!


You and your family will benefit greatly from these secrets if you chose to act on them. You will continue to be your family’s provider and protector, and your financial condition will greatly improve.


Sell Your House in Foreclosure - We buy housesJust imagine how you’d feel to be able to breathe a deep sigh of relief knowing you don’t have to worry about having a foreclosure hanging over your head… Close your eyes and imagine what your life would be like having a significant amount of money in your pocket and being able to start fresh.


I use K.P.A. to sum up the 3 secrets the banks don’t want you to know.


K is for Knowledge….The banks don’t want you to have the knowledge that even though you are going through foreclosure, you can still sell your property. Banks know that you’re emotionally attached to your house, but to the banks your house is simply an asset that makes them money. Banks don’t care about you as a person, nor do they care about your family and their well-being and safety. Banks know that as long as you “work with” them to keep the house, that you’re less likely to try to sell your house.


The 2nd secret that banks don’t want you to know is Power. The banks want you to believe that they have the power in the relationship between the two of you. However, you control the relationship and you have the Power.


By having the Power to sell your property even when you’re going through foreclosure allows you to be able to terminate your relationship with the bank at any time! The banks know this and don’t want you use your power because it’s more beneficial for them if you are weak and don’t use the power you have.


The 3rd secret is Action. Now that you have the Knowledge that you can sell your property, and you know the Power is solely yours, the bank doesn’t want you to ACT. If you take action and sell the property, you have stripped them of all their perceived power over you and the situation. You also cost them to lose out on future monies they were expecting to make off of you and the property.


The banks are betting on you to fail:

  • Banks are betting that you fail to obtain the knowledge that you can sell your house.
  • Banks are betting that you fail to realize your power in this situation and they will try to continue to dictate the terms of your relationship with them.
  • Banks are ultimately betting that you will fail to ACT. Bank are expecting you not to act becaue they know you are emotionally attached to the house and have some “hope” that you can stay in it. Banks are expecting you to think emotionally instead of ACTING logically.


Now that you know the 3 secrets the banks did not want you to know, you have two options…Act on your knowledge, make the logical decision to help your family & take control of your situation or you can be the bank’s pawn. My mother didn’t have this information when she was going through foreclosure and she wishes she did


So, if you choose to take control of your situation please keep reading….


Fair House Offer have put substantial amounts of money in the pockets of homeowners who made the logical decision to take control of their situation.

Banks usually try to auction off a property 45-80 days after letting the owner know they are in default. 45-80 days is not a lot of time so you need to act quickly and work with someone who can act quickly as well. Fair House Offer buys houses with CASH and don’t have to wait on getting a loan.

Our process of buying houses is simple and easy…we buy houses in as-is condition meaning you don’t have to renovate, fix or repair anything. We pay all closing costs so nothing comes out of your pocket. Once we buy the house, the attorney gives you CASH!


Again, just imagine how you’d feel to be able to breathe a deep sigh of relief knowing you don’t have to worry about having a foreclosure hanging over your head… Close your eyes and imagine what your life would be like having improved credit, a significant amount of money in your pocket, and being able to start fresh with the possibility of being be able to buy another house in the future.


Unfortunately, going through foreclosure is common and it may not your fault, however failing to act and putting your family and yourself in the best possible position for today and the future will be your fault, because you now know that you have the power to take control of your situation.


Take control & give me a call at 888-277-2711 and fill out our form.


ALSO, You may get tons of letters and/or postcard from other “investors”, but most of them are people who went to some weekend class at a hotel or bought an online course. Don’t rest your future happiness and freedom in the hands of these amateurs. Have them provide proof of houses they bought…Fair House Offer has several testimonials on Google from sellers we have helped.