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5 Ways To Tell A Great Home Buyer From A Bad One In Charlotte

You are in the market to sell your house and are comparing home buyers in Charlotte, . How do you know if this buyer is a great home buyer or a bad one? With the wonders of today’s internet, you are able to do your homework on just about anything or anyone! Check with credible […]

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How an iBuyer Compares To A Local Home Buyer in Charlotte

iBuyers are a relatively new option when it comes to selling your home. They provide a quick option if you need to sell as soon as possible, but they are not the only option. There are still traditional local home buyers in Charlotte, that are financed and able to purchase your home. How does the […]

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The Pros and Cons of Hiring An Agent To Sell Your House in Charlotte

You’ve decided it’s time to sell. Should you hire an agent to sell your house in Charlotte, ? Do you want to pay large commissions? How long are you willing to wait for the house to receive an offer? How long will it take to close? What sort of repairs will you have to make? […]

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What To Expect When Working With A Professional Home Buyer In Charlotte

Most people know what a realtor is and have pre-determined ideas or have experiences about what they do for you, as a seller. On the other hand, some sellers might not know what to expect when working with a professional home buyer in Charlotte, . Sellers can expect a professional homebuyer to provide simple, stress-free […]

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Top 5 Reasons Why People Hold Onto A Property Too Long In Charlotte

There’s no doubt about it – real estate is a great investment. There is huge money-making potential when you own real estate. But how do you know if you’ve held a property too long?  Reason 1. They are waiting for peak market to come back. One of the reasons why people hold onto a property […]

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5 Things You Don’t Know About Professional Home Buyers In Charlotte

There are a lot of things to consider when placing your home for sale. How long will your home be on the market waiting for a qualified buyer? What shape is my home in, and how much will needed repairs cost? Will the buyer find something wrong with the house after closing and potentially sue? […]

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5 Signs You Are Living In The Wrong House In Charlotte

Purchasing a house is a huge commitment. There are a lot of factors that go into the process of finding a new one. You’ve selected a house in Charlotte with the must-haves and might have made some compromises, but how do you know you’ve made the right choice?  Buyers Remorse  When you pull into your […]

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Have you Inherited a House and Want to Sell Quickly?

“If You’re wanting to sell a house, We make it easy. My Mom passed away and left us this house in Charlotte. It was the house I grew up in, but it’s taking everything we have” We didn’t have time to hire a realtor They gave us an offer over the phone, came out and […]

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How Much Is Hesitating To Sell Your Charlotte House Really Costing You?

Hesitating to sell your house in Charlotte can end up costing you a lot of money! Learn how much in our latest post! Many people don’t realize just how much their home is costing them. These costs are even more brutal if you don’t like the home you’re living or the investment property you own. […]

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5 Questions To Ask Yourself If You Are Thinking About Selling Your House in Charlotte

It’s important to be prepared if you are thinking about selling your house in Charlotte. Ask yourself these questions before selling your property to ensure you are making the right decision about how to sell!  How Much Will The Repairs Cost? When selling a house in Charlotte, you will inevitably have some repairs to make. […]

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