Selling an Abandoned or Vacant House in Greensboro NC

Selling an abandoned or vacant property Greensboro and Guilford County NC can be difficult

Here are a few of the problems you may run in to as the seller:Sell My House Greensboro NC

  •  A limited number of potential buyers  – You won’t find many buyers that want to deal with an abandoned because a lot of times vacant or abandoned houses have known and unknown defects. There are only a few  we buy houses companies that have no problem buying vacant or abandoned houses.
  • Issues when it comes to the buyer getting approved for financing. If the house has defects it may not qualify for a traditional bank loan.
  • The seller may be faced with having to fix all of those defects and that could get very costly ($10,000+ costly).
  • An extended closing time due to the problems with housing inspections that could make the closing time significantly longer.

As you can see selling an abandoned or vacant house in Greensboro or Guilford County can cause some issues with potential buyers but it doesn’t have to be that way..

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Here are a few solutions:

 Address the defects and maintenance issues and invest the monies necessary to get the house in retail condition. Contact a local real estate agent and contractor and have them give you all their suggestions and get a costs estimate of what it will take to get your house market ready.

This may COST YOU LOTS OF $$$ but it is a viable solution.

You have to determine what issues will be worth fixing and which you may want to leave for the potential buyer to correct.

Selling an abandoned or vacant house in Greensboro can be difficult. If you want a hassle free solution to selling your property with code violations give Fair House Offer a  call at 336-523-6048  for a fair cash offer on your problem property.

You won’t have to worry about fixing anything,  we buy houses in any area and in any condition.

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