10 Types of North Carolina Realtors You Should Avoid

10 Types of North Carolina Agents You Should Avoid

If you had the unfortunate experience of dealing with one of these types of Realtors you will not find this amusing. However, this post may be amusing for the rest of us home buyers and sellers .
This article originally appeared in the Trulia Pro Blog and was picked up by Inman News.  The writer is Jovan Hackley and the entire text of the article is here.  I’ve edited this for local area home sellers and buyers.
1. The agent who could use a little more training …
Expertise and experience are two different things. Unfortunately, many of you said that there are 10 types of Real Estate Agents to Avoid - We Buy Housestoo many agents who are simply undertrained, and it can show during the transaction.

My comment: this may surprise you, but it is truly #1.  But as with all other professions, it takes a long time to learn the ropes.  Many people get into selling real estate because it looks easy to make a lot of money.  But as we all know, experience is the only true teacher.

2. The agent who misses all of the contract deadlines — and doesn’t know it …
I’ve heard of horror stories of colleagues who ran into that agent who hasn’t seen a deadline he couldn’t miss.
3. The agent who always over-promises and under-delivers …
Ambition is good, but according to those in the industry, making a promise that can’t be kept is a deal breaker! Clients and other agents remember those who talk a big game without bringing home the win. Unfortunately I dealt with this about a month ago. A fast talking commercial agent assured that he could deliver a property at a certain price because of his long time relationship with the seller and I took the agent at his word and started moving forward with the project…after wasting almost a month of my time, my money,  and my architect’s time…the agent could not deliver. I was not too please and let him know it in no uncertain terms.
I learned my lesson the HARD WAY.
4. The agent who forgets everything and anything …
Showing appointments are a shock! Four out of 5 of their clients insist they forgot! They’ve had scheduling conflicts the last three weeks in a row!
5. The agent who avoids (OK, ignores) every call and email …
When you’re trying to close a solid deal, there can be nothing more frustrating than working with someone who won’t return calls, listen to voice mails, or return calls.
6. The agent who quotes crazy high prices to win a listing …
Winning a listing is great — unless in the process you’ve ruined your client’s chance of closing in a timely fashion by bringing them unreasonable numbers of what the property is worth. One big complaint we’ve heard from lcoal agents is on others using bad pricing tactics to win clients. The reality is that the property value in your area won’t move based on any wishful thinking and delusions.
7. The agent who doesn’t focus on the details …
Real estate agents have to be able to see the bigger picture and focus in on the details. Whether it’s dealing with deals, presenting an offer or reading emails, thoroughness is a valuable skill in this industry. And those who don’t have it can be a headache to work with.
8. The agent who tries to be a big bully …
Agents whose methods of moving a transaction along always involve voice-raising and choice words scored high on the drives-me-nuts scale.
9. The agent who doesn’t anticipate potential problems …
Real estate deals are about getting clients to closing the best way possible. That’s impossible if an agent is always getting tripped up by transaction surprises.
10. The agent who’s dangerously walking that “ethical” line …
The last and least liked of all the agents are those who are actively unethical. Those who get the deal done by treading in the gray area of the law or jeopardizing someone tend to make other agents uneasy. And that’s understandable!

If you choose to go with a realtor when trying to sell your  house, be aware of the 10 types listed above.

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Updated October 2017
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