Our Mortgage Takeover Program in Charlotte NC

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The Benefits of our Charlotte Mortgage Takeover Program:

– Well the BIGGEST benefits is that you will no longer have to make mortgage payments on a house you don’t want or that has become a burden. Even if you’re underwater on your property (meaning you owe more than its worth.)
– You don’t have to fix up the house or make ANY repairs. We will take over your your mortgage and be responsible for your house in AS-IS condition! You don’t have to worry about making any repairs or updated.
– You get to avoid land lording and/or tenant issues such as eviction and trying to collect the rent or paying the mortgage when the tenant defaults. We take over mortgage payments and are responsible for this.We Buy Houses Washington DC
– You will avoid Foreclosure and further harm to your credit profile
– You will avoid lenders going after you for the loan balance
– You will avoid your vacant home from being vandalized.
– We are responsible for overall upkeep and any additional      
Our Mortgage Takeover Program is designed for the Homeowner and/or investor who wants out of paying an unmanageable or unwanted mortgage payment. We especially help homeowners who’s house can’t be sold in the conventional market (house needs a lot of repairs, upside down mortgage, under water mortgage, you owe more than what the house is worth).  
We understand that paying on a mortgage for a house you no longer want can be very draining…and that does not account for the ongoing costs associated with these properties: taxes, insurance, maintenance and repairs, etc. Worst of all, vacant homes have become targets for vandalism. Appliances, lighting fixtures, even copper plumbing, has been ripped from homes, bringing down the already depressed value even further.
We relieve you of these burdens and stress. Our Mortgage Take Over Program in Charlotte offers immediate debt relief through. We Take over Payments, We take over Houses, We take over Property, We take over Mortgage payments. See if you qualify Now!
Bottom line: If Your House qualifies…We will take over your mortgage payments and home for the full amount of the mortgage.