SEX SELLS…and Sex Sells Houses Fast!

Sex Sells & Sex Sells Houses Fast

Now that I have your attention. We all know that sex is used to market just about everything and anything not remotely connected to sex – and it works. In Charlotte, house staging and updating does for houses what sexy ads do for marketing – it sells..and its sells your property FAST!

In today’s competitive Charlotte Housing market you cannot afford to gamble with your equity and not getting your desired price by not staging and updating your house.  Yes, I have heard all the reasons why one thinks they don’t need to stage, and you can probably think of some I might not have heard….however the questions to ask your self are:

1)       Do you really want to sell your property?

2)       Do you want to sell in the shortest amount of time (vs. an indefinite time with poor results)?

3)       Do you want to secure the most amount of MONEY when the sale goes through?

If you answered YES to one or all of these questions! Then staging, updating and renovating your property is what you need to do!

Here are some facts which may help make your decision easier.


1)       Everything counts!  That means everything you do or don’t do, to ready your property will make or break the sale and the purchase price.

2)       Over 75% of sellers today are willingly investing up to $5000 and often more to make their property move in ready.

3)       Over 60% of buyers today say they are willing to pay more money for a move in ready property.

4)       Over 90% of buyers today look at property on the internet first to create a list of “Must See” sex sell houses - we buy houses as islistings. So your photos must POP in order to get the buyers attention. And I mean POP in a good way!

5)       Staging is an umbrella word for three definite steps: Consultation, Work and Showcasing

8)       Work means fixing and upgrading the condition of the property (kitchens, baths, floors..etc)

9)       Everything counts! That means anything you decide not to fix, clean, upgrade could be the reason your property is on the market longer and or sells at less than what you expected

10)   Once you decide to move, divest your emotional connections to the place and accept objective advice from a professional who has the credential to help market your biggest asset.


Now if you do not have the time or money to make your property SEXY, then you should not expect someone to offer you market price for the property. Remember SEX SELLS Houses…

If you want to sell fast and not have to worry about sexy-fying your house then contact us for a fair and quick cash offer! Call 888-277-2711

STOP!! Obviously, What We Offer Is NOT Important to Everyone

Our clients tend to be the type of person who wants to sell quickly, get a fair price, avoid agent fees, sell as-is & values the certainty of knowing when their house will sell.

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