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Use Smartphone to Sell Your Charlotte House Fast - We Buy Houses

Selling a home used to mean hiring a licensed real estate agent and having tons of people come into your house over and over again, until you found that one or couple that liked it enough to put an acceptable offer on the table. These days, thanks to the Internet, sellers can search for house buyers like Fair House Offer whenever and wherever they want.

Now, Fair House Offer, who buys houses in Charlotte, and North Carolina, allows sellers to input their home’s information into a simple form and they can get an offer in hours.  Our service has helped homeowners cave thousands of dollars.
 Sell Your NC House Fast - We Buy Houses NC
List your home with a traditional agent in the United States and you pay a 6% commission, plus about 2% closing costs. Do it yourself, with Fair House Offer, on your smart phone and you’ll pay nothing. On a $200,000 home, that’s a $16,000 saving.

We have streamlined the home selling process tremendously. You as the seller would simply go to and it’s a very simple process. We start the process by having you answer some questions about your home, and once you’re finished it will send us a report of your home with the answers you gave.

Selling your house with Fair House Offer is just  cleaner, simpler and faster, than going the traditional real estate agent route.
We at Fair House Offer are not trying to replace traditional brokers in Charlotte & North Carolina — We just wants to give people choices. We’re just trying to give the house seller an option. Real estate sales is a service industry and to not offer the consumer multiple choices of service, seems a little backwards to us.
Technology may not put the broker out of business but it will let home owners decide whether or not they need one.
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