Selling a house with code violations in Toledo OH

Selling a House with Code Violations in Toledo can Be a BIG headache.

Here are a few of the problems you may run in to as the seller:sell my house toledo ohio

  •  A limited number of potential buyers  – You won’t find many buyers that want to deal with code violations and all the red tape that comes with them. There are only a few  we buy houses companies in Toledo that don’t have a problem buying houses with city violations, like Fair House Offer.
  • Issues when it comes to the buyer getting approved for financing.
  • The seller may be faced with large additional costs to have these violations corrected.
  • An extended closing time due to the problems on the title from the city violations could make the closing time significantly longer.

Sellers should get a list of violations from the city of Toledo or Lucas County with the amount of the fines so they are aware of all of the problems that exist on the property. At this point they need to decision if they will address them or make the potential buyers aware of them so that they can be prepared if they are going to put in an offer on your house.

As you can see selling a house in Toledo or Lucas County with code violations can cause some issues with potential buyers but it doesn’t have to be that way..

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Here are a few solutions:

 Address the issues and do whatever it takes to get them corrected. Visit you local code enforcement office and get a printout of all the existing city violations that they have recorded against your property.

This may COST YOU LOTS OF $$$ but it is a viable solution.

One thing that can make the process go a lot smoother is to keep the violations office updated on the progress of the repairs. This let’s them know you are taking action and may cut you some slack when it comes to minor violations on the list. Sellers should take into account the cost to rectify the violations and how much  more they may be able to ask for the property or how much time it will save by doing them now as opposed to waiting until the potential buyer discovers them….because they will when a title search is performed.

You have to determine what issues will be worth fixing and which you may want to leave for the potential buyer to correct. you may have to adjust your price but at the same time it may be worth it to you to save you the hassle and expense. It really depends on your situation.

A good amount of the code violations we see are for simple items such as landscaping violations. Most of the time this is just a matter of cutting the grass, trimming trees and cleaning up the yard. This is something you should do and is one of the reasons most houses don’t sell quickly.

Some issues may not be worth fixing. For example, if simple landscaping and mowing is all you need to do to fix the issue, it will probably be worth it to fix. Some bigger issues may not give you the best return on your money. Regardless, when selling a house with code violations in Toledo Ohio  sellers need to understand what will return the most money.

If this is a rental property that you want to sell the house with tenants occupying the property:

Review the lease and determine if the violations were due to the tenant not abiding by the lease agreement.

Talk with the tenant and let them know that the violations put against the property were due to the fact that in most cases they did not abide by the lease as far as lawn care and maintenance of the property while they are tenants.

The tenant may have caused the violations but ultimately the owner of the property will be responsible to the city to bring the property back into compliance.

When you set the meeting with the code enforcement officer make sure to have the tenant present so that they are clear on the violations and what is needed to bring the property back into compliance. Have the tenant report their progress back to you so that you can keep the enforcement officials informed throughout the process.

Other Options To Consider

If you do not want to deal with the violation issues and just want to sell the house in “as in” condition you will just need to account for these violations when pricing the property.

Another option is to sell the house to a cash for homes company in Toledo and Lucas County who specializes in helping homeowners with problem real estate.

Selling a house with city code violations in Toledo can be difficult. If you want a hassle free solution to selling your property with code violations give Fair House Offer a  call at 888-277-2711  for a fair cash offer on your problem property.

You won’t have to worry about fixing anything,  we buy houses in any area and in any condition.

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