Owning The Home That Just Won’t Sell

The real estate market is booming and houses in your neighborhood are selling like hotcakes. You, however, are stuck owning the house that won’t sell.

Owning The House That Won’t Sell

We first need to get some common anxiety issues out of the way. There is no curse on your house. Real estate agents are not conspiring against you. Home buyers are not tasteless idiots. Well, not all of them. If you’re stuck owning the house that won’t sell, there has to be an identifiable reason and you should be able to find out what it is. This is particularly true in the current real estate market.

The single biggest and easiest issue to address is the PRICE of the home. Simply put, are you being reasonable when it comes to price? Because ALL houses sell at the right price. What are the comparable home sale prices in your area and how does your price compare to the sold houses that most resemble the condition of yours? If you are asking for more than similar houses, finding a buyer is going to be difficult. Remember, the issue is what someone is willing to buy it for…not what you subjectively think your home is worth, or the tax value or the appraised value.

One area where people get into trouble is improving beyond their neighborhoods. This occurs when you pursue home improvements that add substantial value to your home, but can’t be supported by the surrounding houses. For example, assume your home and those around it all appraise in the $250,000 to $285,000 range. If you redo kitchens, bathrooms and add a full second story to the tune of $150,00, your probably think your home should be worth roughly $400,000. free_guide to selling house fastThis is incorrect. Nobody is going to buy a $400,000 home in a $250,000 neighborhood. In such a situation, your best bet is to hold on to the house and pray the neighborhood appreciates over time.

If price isn’t the issue, you need to objectively evaluate how your house is different from those in the neighborhood. Ask a realtor to come take a look at the house and offer suggestions.

Finally, one of the biggest problems I see with houses on the market is a lack of charm. It may sound superficial, but you want a potential buyer to be able to see themselves in the home. Don’t strip out personal or charming items. Instead, add flowers with a nice subtle fragrance, plants and so on. Buyers are looking for a nice home, not a set of hospital rooms.

Hopefully, this help you sell your house. We at Fair House Offer buy houses fast and hassle free. Our goal is to help those who need/want to sell and realize that the solution we offer isn’t for everyone so we hope these tips will help you sell your house.

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