Sell Your Property With Our Lease Option Program

The Benefits of our Lease Option Program and Allowing Us to Rent the Property from You & Buy It Later

This program is great for homeowners/sellers that are:

1. Upside down/underwater

2. Don’t have a lot of equity

3. Wanting  to move and are on a tight time frame

4. Home currently sitting on the market month after month

5. Making double mortgage payment

6. Have a vacant home or property

7. Can’t compete with distressed properties in the market

You now have options!

The rent-to-own/lease option program is the best resource to assist you with obtaining top sales price. A properly structured lease option agreement will be greatly beneficial to you financially and mentally.

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Sell Your House Through Our Lease Purchase Program

Little or No Equity in Your House? We Can Still Buy It with Our Lease Purchase Program!
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