ASK yourself:

– Do I want to be duped by my lender?

– Do I want bad credit for at least 7 years?

– Do I want to struggle when looking for another place to live?

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Congrats! You’ve Been Duped By The Bank!

Do you want the Bank to Take Your House?

Do you Want Your Credit Ruined for Years!

Has cooperating with the Bank worked for You so far? (Has the Bank STOPPED foreclosing on your property?)

We Buy Houses Facing Foreclosure

We understand that hard times fall on ALL people, but we, as adults, have the power to take control of the situation. 

You have to ASK yourself:

  1. Do I want to to be humiliated in front of the neighbors (& possibly have my kids humiliated in front of their friends)?
  2. Do I want the sheriff to force me out of the house?
  3. Do I want to struggle when looking for another place to live?
  4. Do I want bad credit for at least 7 years?

Working With the Bank Has Not Worked…& Will Not Work!

Everyday good, hardworking people lose their house at local foreclosure auctions because they held out hope (for the “Lord” to provide) and tried to “work” with the bank….the same bank that they defaulted on.

A prominent Financial (debt) attorney advises people that

“Despite how nice they [the Bank] may sound, the bank that owns your mortgage and the institution that services your mortgage are not your friends and are not really out to help you. We have had countless homeowners come to our office in tears after their homes have been taken by banks that promised they were going to help them.”


Here’s a look at the issues foreclosed families grapple with (According to an article on

1. Finding a new home

The immediate problem is obvious: where and how to find a new place to live.

Lack of cash for a rental deposit is probably the biggest barrier to foreclosed owners getting re-established on their own. Few landlords accept tenants with a credit score of less than 600 but landlords will sometimes accept tenants who have a credit score of just 580, says Maurice Ortiz, marketing director at The Apartment People.

But if landlords look beyond a numerical score to credit records, a foreclosure will most definitely scare them away, since it indicates the potential tenant hasn’t paid his housing bills, adds Ortiz.

2. Suffering through the credit fallout

Once owners default on their mortgage, other creditors consider it much more likely they won’t collect what they’re owed either.

“Credit cards have a ‘default’ rate, and (foreclosed owners) could see their interest rate jump to very high levels — as much as 30 percent,” says John Ulzheimer, president of consumer education for “You’ll also have a hard time getting a decent car loan,” he adds.

If a foreclosure is an isolated event on an otherwise good credit record, consumers may be able to rehabilitate their record and garner better loans and card rates in 24 months, says Ulzheimer.

But since a foreclosure is rarely the former owner’s only credit slip-up, and foreclosures are often combined with the fallout of punishing rates, some former homeowners will never climb back up to a good credit score, Ulzheimer says.

3. Buying another home of one’s own

Fannie Mae has just upped the length of time it takes from the completion of a foreclosure sale until the borrower can get a new mortgage from four years to five years.

4. Getting hit with a tax bill

It seems like the ultimate injustice: You lose your home and then weeks or months later you open the mail and find a bill for taxes on the amount of mortgage that the lender was never able to recover from the sale of the property.

Anytime debt is forgiven, it’s a potentially taxable event. You are not paying back money that you borrowed, so that money is considered income by the IRS.

There is another option, instead of waiting for the Bank to Screw You Over.

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